Why use our Solution?

We aim to provide a HNT staking solution for everyone by allowing partial staking with no minimum amount and shorter unstaking periods based on the available Liquidity Pool.

Track your rewards and monitor the status of your Helium Validator Node using our Staking Platform Dashboard, no matter if you own a full validator or you joined our Partial Staking Pool.

Partial Staking

Full Validator Node Management

Real Time Metrics

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About Helium Staking
About Helium Staking

Helium Staking is offering a solution for partial staking on the Helium Network and also provides Validators management solutions

Our goal is to provide a platform where people can stake their HNT without a minimum amount and split the rewards based on the amount of tokens staked.

We also provide technical assitance for running full node validators. We will guide you through the hole process and we will monitor/update and assure that the validators are running properly.

No matter if you decide to partial stake or have a full node running, you can register an account on our Staking Platform where you can see in realtime the rewards as well as the status of the validators.

Currently the Staking Platform is in Beta phase and is working on Testnet. You will be transacting TNT (testnet token) which has no value. When Helium Network will announce the Mainnet launch, our Staking Platform will switch to HNT.

Join our Staking Platform (Beta)

Helium Staking interest so far

We offer full transparancy and that is why we fully show the interest in our platform. The data bellow is based on customers which showed interest in joining our staking pool.

Stake Pool

7,885 HNT

Needed for Full Validator

10,000 HNT


Partial Stake

Partial Stake


4% of rewards + Validators operational costs


No minimum HNT for staking Claim your rewards at any time Metrics dashboard to see your rewards in realtime Lower unstaking periods based on the Liquidity Pool

Full Node

Full Node


150$ / Validator Monthly fixed fee


Non Custodial Technical assistance to set up the wallet for the validator Metrics dashboard to see your rewards in realtime Contact us to have your Validators on Testnet. This will ensure you that your Validators will be up and ready for the Mainnet Launch.

Meet Our Team Members

Guzga Marian Andrei

CEO | Co-Founder

Vlad Rotaru

CTO | Co-Founder

Staking Profitability Calculator

Stake Type

Partial Stake

Full Validator

This value represents the total number of online Validators based on which we will do the calculations. You can click the server icon and this will automatically use the current Testnet numbeer of validators.

This value represents the amount of HNT you intend to stake. The higger the value the bigger the percentage of the pool you will have.

This value represents the total number of deployeed Validators on our Partial Staking Pool. You can click the additional icon from the input field which will populate the field with the value we show on our statistics page.

This value represents the number of HNT available in the Liquidity Pool. You can click the additional icon from the input field which will populate the field with the value we show on our statistics page.

Calculator Disclaimer

Earning estimated using the above calculator are just rough estimates. There are many parameters which impact the earnings and we can't forecast all of them as they are changing constantly based on the Helium Network.

The most important one would be the number of Online Validators. This number is changing constantly as more Helium Validators go live/offline in the Helium Network.

Also, the number of successfull Elections plays a part in forcasting. This is another parameter that can't be forecasted as we can't know how often a Validator from the Consensus Group can go offline or encounter issues wich will invalidate the Election.

Currently, our calculator is using a 90% Election Success percentage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helium Network is a global, distributed network of Hotspots that create public, long-range wireless coverage for LoRaWAN-enabled IoT devices. Hotspots produce and are compensated in HNT, the native cryptocurrency of the Helium blockchain.

The Helium blockchain is a new, open source, public blockchain created entirely to incentivize the creation of physical, decentralized wireless networks. Today, the Helium blockchain, and its tens of thousands of Hotspots, provide access to the largest LoRaWAN Network in the world.

Validator nodes are a new entity on the Helium Blockchain that will perform the work of the consensus group including verifying transactions, and adding new blocks to the blockchain.

To host a Validator node requires a stake (deposit) of 10,000 HNT and running Validator node software in a suitable environment. In return for staking, users contribute to network stability and earn rewards in HNT.

We refer to a Full Validator Node as a non custodial Validator node that we deploy on behalf of our customers which have the minimum 10,000 HNT to run a full node.

It is non custodial, because the wallet which will own the Validator will be controlled entirely by the customer. We will guide and provide technical assistance to setup the Helium wallet for running the node/nodes.

Using this Staking method, the full rewards earned by the Validator go directly into the customer Helium wallet.

For this type of staking there is only a fixed monthly fee which you can see in our pricing section.

Helium Partial Staking is a staking method which allows our customers to stake any amount of HNT in a Partial Staking Pool. All customers that joined the Partial Staking Pool will get a percentage of the total rewards earned from the Partial Staking Pool Validators based on the staked amount.

To make it more simple to explain, let's supose that we have 10,000 HNT in the Partial Staking Pool and you decide to stake 1,000 HNT. Now, with your stake, the Partial Staking Pool has 11,000 HNT. With this amount we can run 1 Validator node, the 1,000 left outside the validator will go into the Liquidity Pool.

Based on the total HNT in the Partial Staking Pool and your HNT staked amount, we know that you own 9.09% of the Partial Staking Pool rewards. The formula for this is as follows: [(HNT staked amount / Partial Staking Pool total HNT) * 100] which translates to [(1,000 / 11,000) * 100].

This means that you will earn 9.09% of the rewards from the single Validator that is running in the Partial Staking Pool. Also, based on this percentage we calculate the costs of running the validators in the Partial Staking Pool which will be deducted from your earned rewards. For more informations on the fees applied for this type of staking please visit our pricing section.

The Liquidity Pool is the amount of HNT from the Partial Staking Pool which could not be staked in a new Validator node (max: 9,999 HNT). We will use this Liquidity Pool to allow customers to unstake their HNT in as fast as 24 hours if the unstake amount is lower than the Liquidity Pool and if there are no other customers in the unstake queue.

Currently we are testing this Liquidity Pool model and this is subject to changes based on the total number of customers and the staking/unstaking transactions flow.

Note: The HNT rewards earned by the Validators in the Partial Staking Pool will not go in the Liquidity Pool. The Liquidity Pool is composed only of staked HNT which can't form a new Validator node. Customers can opt to manually/automatically add their earned HNT from rewards to the Partial Staking Pool and so increasing their Pool participation parcentage or claim the rewards in order to transfer them to a personal Helium wallet.

For Full Validator Nodes, if a customer decides to unstake a Validator, the current proposal is for a 250,000 block unbonding / cooldown period (which is approximately 5 months).

This rule applies to all Validators in the network, however, for customers that joined our Partial Staking Pool we provide a lower unstake period based on the available Liquidity Pool at the moment of unstaking.